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Vipin Varailan Paul

Director and CEO

Vipin Paul is a registered nurse, an entrepreneur, a vlogger, cooking enthusiast and a photographer.. A New Zealand PR holder and an Indian citizen, Vipin has worked and traveled to different countries of the world. He has extensive experience of working in different hospitals in India and abroad.Vipin holds vast experience in Customized Customer Service in a fast paced demanding environment. Exceptional multitasking skills, specializing in Advisory and Management roles. Experienced Healthcare Professional with background in administrative and marketing roles with health care providers. Strong financial management and strategic planning skills. A detail-oriented leader with a track record of meeting income growth goals.The quest to help and guide future New Zealand aspirants motivated Vipin to embark on this initiative. With a positive approach towards life and a go-getter, Vipin believes that education can be the game changer of life.
With New Zealand continuously taking top spot as a preferred educational destination, accurate assistance will make the transition a smooth sailing.