New Zealand……a dreamer’s paradise!

New Zealand is an island country, situated in the South Western Pacific ocean. Synonymous with beautiful locales and excellent quality of life, it offers a cultural diaspora very unique and inviting. Regularly ranking high among the happiest and most livable countries, it also list of ranks high in the most peaceful and least corrupt countries of the world. With world class infrastructure and a stable social security system, it is one of the most preferred destinations to settle and raise a family.

Getting ready to go….

A well prepared traveler enjoys the destination to the fullest. Every new journey is full of apprehensions and insecurities. We will guide you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned traveler or a novice! Our services are designed to give you assistance before…..while…..and after the journey. Our services also include travel tips, shopping tips, what to bring and what not to. You will never feel alone or anxious.

Things to consider:

Passport: Always carry digital and physical copies of your passport. This is to ensure quick response in case of lost/stolen passport scenario.

Currency: Make sure to have an international credit/forex card which will help you in smooth transactions for the initial days.

Communication: Sim card will be provided on arrival to get you settled without any delay.

Medications: If you have pre existing health conditions, consult your doctor and have your medications ready to be transported. Special care needs to be taken to counter check with the banned/not permitted medicines in New Zealand.

Clothes: It is always advisable to have a couple of weather appropriate clothes to help you assimilate without having to spend too much in the new country. Also, do not forget traditional clothes for you are never away from your community!!!!!

Grocery: Carry only the absolute essentials to last you for a fortnight. Same goes for your utensils.

Apart from these, any other questions/queries that come your way will be taken care of in a timely manner. We will also help you to connect with the community. So you will never feel away from home…..All the landing students get an orientation session about the new life in New Zealand with highlights on Do’s and Don'ts.